Leonardo's Lost Robot Knight
Leonardo's Lost Robot Knight - San Diego Museum Exhibit
By Benedict Sweeney
Jan 29, 2007 - 5:03:18 PM

Leonardos Lost Robot Knight Exhibit Board
In 2003 the Sweeney family acquired, designed an exhibit, and then loaned for exhibit to the San Diego Museum of Man “Leonardo’s Lost Robot Knight.” This medieval robot was built by famous roboticist Mark Rosheim from Leonardo’s drawings for a Discovery Channel program on Da Vinci. The exhibit was dedicated to Dolores Hines Sweeney. In 2006, the robot exhibit was loaned to Chicago’s Museum of Science for their Leonardo da Vinci exhibition. To the Sweeney family's satisfaction, an estimated 160,000 children enjoyed this exhibition, thus inspiring another generation to think beyond the realm of what is possible, re-think and debate that which has been stated in the past, and propose new and ingenious ideas for what could be, much as the Sweeney family does when discussing the works of Leonardo da Vinci.


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